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The FM-RC remote control kit allows you to remotely turn a dust collector ON/OFF from a distance of up to 10 meters. 
It is designed based on radio frequency RF. It uses radio waves to conduct signals, which can be covered in all directions. 

Within the control range, it can be operated remotely without aiming at the controlled device. It can penetrate obstacles such as walls.

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This control kit could be mounted on ranges of dust collectors and cyclone extractors by different mounting plates: 

Plate A is suitable for FM230,FM230M,FM230L1,FM230L2
Plate B is suitable for FM300,FM300B,FM300L1,FM300S
Plate C is suitable for FM300CA,FM350,FM350A,FM350C,FM350CA
Besides, for easier operation, we could also stick the control kit onto the machines by double sides adhesive tape.

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