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Air Filter With Overall Size 770x610x310mm
Main Features

* It could remove most fine wood particles up to 1 micron from the air.

* It can be set to operate in three air flow speeds. 

* It can be set for a timed performance of 1, 2, or 4 hours. At the end of this time, the air filter will automatically turn OFF.

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Turn the air filter on while you work and set the timer to run after you leave the shop. It will continue to clean the air of the fine particles that might otherwise find a home where you don't want them.


01)  Motor: 1/5hp, 115V, 60Hz, 1PH, 6P

02)  Outer filter: five micro

03)  Inner filter: one micro

04)  Air flow:H =1,044CFM,39.58 cube meter, 

                    M = 702CFM,19.89 cube meter, 

                    L = 556CFM, 15.75 cube meter

05)  Noise:H = 68dB(A), M = 66dB(A), L = 63dB(A)

06)  Overall size: 770 x 610 x 310mm

07)  Net/gross weight: 25/29kg

08)  Packing size: 830 x 680 x 375mm

09)  Units per 20-foot container: 138

Optional fittings:

01)   RF remote control. Radio Frequency control allows to remotely ON/OFF machine from a distance of up to 15 meters. It can be covered in all directions, without aiming at the controlled device. 

02)   Filter-change alarming system. The indicator light would be  automatic sparkling to alarm to replace the filter when the filter is blocked by wood chips or powder.

03)   Optional carbon filter outer for TA25 available with part No. TA25-OUT-C.

Optional accessories

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