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Main Features

* Quick angle setting stop for +/- 30°,+/-45°,+/-60°,+/-75°,90°

* Alloy 400mm fence rail slides on cast alloy body

* Makes it easy to cut an accurate mitre joint quickly and easily

* Fits all standard 3/4" x 3/8" mitre gauge slots, like Burt MJ12" series table saw, HBS350H bandsaw. 

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This mitre fence will fit any machine table fitted with a standard 3/4" x 3/8" slot. 

Made to a high standard with a sliding, removable alloy fence (400mmX60mm) plus adjustable angle setting stops. Once set up on your machine, it will allow you to cut accurate mitres with the fence providing great support to the workpiece. This fence is made to a much higher standard than those commonly supplied with machines, so is a great upgrade. 

NB: Black washer can be removed if required for some grooves.

Optional accessories

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